We are a family-based Financial Advisory Company, aimed at institutions and individuals who require an expert and transparent opinion.


We advise listed and unlisted collective investment vehicles. Our priorities are long-term capital protection and alignment of interests.

Families and individuals

We are experts in asset selection, expense control and business decision making.

Why Invexcel?

Alignment of interests

We do what we advise, we advise what we do. We manage our personal wealth with the same basic criteria as which we recommend to our clients.


We dedicate ourselves exclusively to our clients, without the influence of any financial group. The costs of our services are clear and our recommendations are based on objective criteria.

Method and rigor

We invest in assets that we understand and know how to value according to an in-house methodology, without speculating or being driven by trends.


Over the last forty years, three generations of our family have worked successfully in the financial sector both in and outside Spain. Our multidisciplinary team specialises in public and private markets, wealth and business management, as well as corporate transactions.

Jose María López de Letona

José María López de Letona

Partner – President

Gonzalo López de Letona

Gonzalo López de Letona

Partner – Managing Director

Javier Echevarría

Javier Echevarría

Socio – Director de Inversiones

Alirio Sendrea

Alirio Sendrea

Head of Analysis

Paul Fenton Responsable de Operaciones

Paul Fenton

Head of Operations

Ildefonso Moretón Responsable de Administración y Finanzas

Ildefonso Moretón

Head of Administration and Finance

Yolanda Ortega Administración

Yolanda Ortega


Contact details

To find out more about us, please drop us an email or feel free to call us at:


+34 91 578 3676

Claudio Coello, 78. 28001 Madrid, Spain

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