Family Office´s Advantages at Your Disposal

Expert Wealth Management

Family or personal wealth should be managed, as a whole, as if it were a corporation. Maximizing revenues; controlling expenses thoroughly and permanently. Setting medium and long term objectives, designing a strategy, and tacking suitable tactics accordingly. With continuous and immediately available information to investors allowing a comprehensive view of the wealth at all times.

We have the human and technological means to address these needs. We offer our clients a bespoke, prompt, high-quality service intended to increase efficiency, both in terms of investment execution and monitoring (permanent costs review).

Main profiles of Our Customers

You Personally Manage your Wealth with the Assistance of Non-specialized Tools

You think that you are second to none. But you need help and go to your bank, or perhaps to a “knowledgeable” family member, you do not achieve the desired results.

You Count with a Wealth Requiring Attention and Monitoring

Whether inherited or built, it is essential to preserve it in difficult times and make it grow in good ones. Enjoying but not wasting it; foreseeing the future and planning ahead. Carefully studying the applicable taxation. Perhaps even anticipating succession.

You are concerned with what is owned, earned, and spent

You wish a detailed wealth assessment, together with the needs connected with it. You desire to set goals and establish a simulation model of your wealth’s behavior that includes sound recommendations in order to take decisions.

Independent Professionals

Whether a lawyer, a doctor, an architect, or a notary public, you have built with effort a wealth that requires attention; but you lack the time, information or resources to properly manage it. You need assurance, confidence and knowledge on it at all times.

Business Owners

“The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”. You would prefer someone to manage your wealth with the same interest and dedication you offer to your own business.

Senior Executives with Limited Time for Own Matters

Meetings, business trips, busy agenda. You feel you are missing opportunities. Failing to keep up with bull markets; suffering more than anyone else in bear ones… You miss tailored but non-oppressive attention.

Value Investing

We invest in business models we understand, with competitive advantages, financial strength and competent management teams; paying attractive prices in relation to their value.

Value Investing

Bespoke and professional advice

We were born in a family, therefore, we understand your needs; we offer alignment of interests, experience, and transparency.

We are FAs