Our Investment Philosophy: Value Investing

We Recommend Investing in the Best Asset: Stocks from Outstanding Companies

Quality Assets at Rewarding Prices

Our investment policy is long-term oriented, which allows us to withdrawn from the noise caused by emotions and market’s prevailing short-termism, beyond which the real assets are found. We carry out a thorough analysis of companies in search of:

 Business models that we understands

Clear competitive advantages, defensible in the long run

 Strong cash flow generation and solid balance sheets

 Competent management teams with a high degree of commitment to shareholders

Once this analysis is completed, we value the business, assess the stock price and inherent risks, in order to determinate if there exist an investmente opportunity at an atractive price.

More profits, less risk

Taking into consideration the adequacy of the investment, we recommend a responsible exposure to equities, bearing in mind capital protection.

Our team constantly monitors the market in order to benefit from bull markets and minimize risks in bear ones.


Historical data prove that equities is the most profitable asset in the long run.

Shares, Bonds, Treasury Bills, and Inflation. 1926-2013Chart-1-SBBI1

Source: Ibbotson

Benefits of Investing in a SICAV

In addition to the inherent profitability of a securities portfolio, investing through a SICAV is a highly efficient investment formula in terms of operating costs savings and tax benefits in day-to-day operations.

Why a SICAV?

Do Not Worry

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