Bespoke Wealth Management

We are flexible and transparent. We advise the same principles to our customer’s capital, as we apply to our own.


We are a Financial Advisers company (EAF, for its acronym in Spanish) aimed at individuals, families and organizations requiring savvy, bespoke and unbiased financial advice, in order to preserve and develop their wealth.

Our company is registered in the Spanish Securities & Exchange Commission (CNMV, for its acronym in Spanish), under number 118 and is subject to its supervision, conduct and regulatory compliance rules.

Invexcel Patrimonio EAF does not belong to, nor is it partially owned by any bank of financial group. The financial markets are crowded with companies that intermediate, manage, custody, etc. we do not charge them and we do not promote them. Our only concern is the performance of your assets.

Trust and Alignment of Interests

We are a family-based entity. We offer extensive experience to our clients based upon years of tending to the family’s wealth. We understand your problems because they have also been ours. And we know the right answers because they are the ones we apply as well.

We Advise Institutions

 Our customers not only include families or individuals. We also advise collective investment vehicles such as SICAVs or Mutual Funds. True to our investment philosophy, we adapt ourselves to each client’s characteristics.

Benefits of Investing in a SICAV

In addition to the inherent profitability of a securities portfolio, investing through a SICAV is a highly efficient investment formula in terms of operating costs savings and tax benefits in day-to-day operations.

Why a SICAV?

Equity Investment

We invest in business models we understand, with competitive advantages, financial strength and competent management teams; paying attractive prices in relation to their intrinsic value.

Value Investing