A close and differentiatied approach to wealth management


Three Things that Make us Unique:

 We Do What We Advise. We Advise What We Do.

We faithfully comply with the English saying: “We put our money where our mouth is”.
The alignment of interests between Invexcel and its clients is absolute. We give others the same advice we give to ourselves. Our wealth is managed in accordance with the same basic criteria we recommend to our clients. Naturally, we tailor our recommendations to our client´s specific needs.

 We Are Financial Professionals

Commercial banking, investment banking, private banking, private equity, asset management. Over the paste thirty years, three generations of our family have worked rigorously in the Spanish and international financial industries.

 We Favour Equity Investment

As investors, we follow the Value Investing philosophy. We prefer real assets as a shelter for our savings, because we can and we know how to value them. Shareholders profit from the appreciation of an outstanding company and, furthermore, from distributed earnings.

Do Not Worry

Your wealth, built with effort, requires attention but you do not have the time, information or resources necessary to properly manage it. Find out the main profiles of our customers.

We take care

What is Invexcel?

We are a family-based Financial Advisers company (EAFI, for its acronym in Spanish) aimed at individuals, families and organizations requiring savvy, bespoke and unbiased financial advice, with an entrepreneurial vision of wealth.

We are FAs

Responsible Risk Exposure

We are value investors. We prefer real assets as a shelter for our savings because we know how to properly analyze and value them.

Value Investing