Europe Equity Investment Vehicle

Excel Equities’ goal is to make invested capital grow in the long term taking on less risk than the Benchmark. To this end, 100% of the portfolio is invested in European companies which have, or it is estimated they will have in the medium term, an attractive dividend yield.
Excel Equities vs Benchmark since Inception

Return 1,2

Excel Equities


February 2019 3,66% 3,94%
Year to date 10,35% 10,41%
Accumulated since inception 1,03% 13,57%
Annual average since inception 0,20% 2,64%

1 Information as of February 28, 2019
2 Past performance does not guarantee future performance
Note: The benchmark is the STOXX Europe 600 index.

How to invest?
From your financial institution,
through your securities account.
It is a vehicle listed in the MAB.
Minimum investment: one stock.
Legal Information

ISIN: ES0164117006
Date of Incorporation: 01/24/2014
Currency: Euro
Management and Advisory Fee: (máx.) 1,40%
Performance Fee: 8,00%
(if return exceeds both 5% and the High Water Mark)

Depository Fee: 0,08%
Subscription and Redemption Fee: 0,00%
Management Company: Invercaixa Gestión, S.A.
Custodian: CECA Bank, S.A.
Adviser: Invexcel Patrimonio EAF, S.L.
Recommended Investment Period: 5 years

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